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Current data workflows are lagging

As data generation increases exponentially,
standard data workflows struggle to keep pace.

Up to 80% information lost during raw data processing

Can take days to weeks to process large-scale datasets

Current analyses of large-scale data still lead to high false discovery

Recent AI/ML advancements can dramatically accelerate drug discovery efforts.

Introducing Tesorai

We are bringing cutting-edge AI to life sciences to seamlessly integrate with your drug discovery workflows.

More data

Our advanced models unlock the full potential of your data by tapping into data discarded by current approaches.

Advance your insights by
utilizing every byte of data.

Better data

Increasing data volume doesn't have to equate to increased noise; our algorithm reduces false discoveries in large scale datasets.

When you work with better data, you can
identify an increased number of true hits.

Faster data

Generating more and better data doesn't slow us down. Our advanced platform ensures swift processing, maintaining both speed and accuracy.

You can process data
faster than you generate it

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Strongest engineering foundations

Protected data

We've implemented rigorous protocols, protecting every piece of data to maintain its integrity and protect against unauthorized access.

No installation needed

Our tools are designed for simplicity and speed. With just a few clicks, you'll be up and running.

User-friendly interaction

Our user-friendly design is crafted to be straightforward and intuitive.

Flexible pricing

Explore the ideal pricing solution for your needs. Reach out to us, and we can discuss a plan that aligns with your goals.


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The team

Leveraging expertise for impact

The Tesorai team is comprised of top-tier talent from prominent tech and life science companies with a shared vision to revolutionize life sciences. We have been developing and applying advanced AI/ML tools for decades, and are leveraging this experience to accelerate drug development and precision medicine.

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